CCNS June 18, 2007 Comments to the final Buckman EIS

CCNS Press Release for release of the final EISJune 14, 2007

Request for an extension of time to comment on final EISJune 14, 2007

CCNS February 14, 2005 Comments to the draft Buckman EIS


Contamination in the Rio Grande

Contamination in Ground Water


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Rio Grande Watershed Initiative Independent sampling of surface and ground water

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Buckman Diversion Project

Santa Fe is planning on supplementing our drinking water supplies by diverting water from the Rio Grande with the Buckman Diversion Project. The federal agencies are in the last stages of planning and released a final Environmental Impact Statement (final EIS) for the project. But, they have failed to address the impacts of LANL contaminants migrating in surface and ground water towards both the diversion project and the Buckman well field, where Santa Fe gets 40% of its drinking water.The final EIS is available on Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) website,

Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety submitted comments to the final EIS requesting that the federal agencies examine the migration of LANL contaminants and their impact on the project. Click here to download a .pdf of our comments.

Updated July 27, 2007