Ancho Canyon Spring

Ancho Canyon Spring discharges to the Rio Grande on the west side of the river. It begins its flow almost 1 mile upstream.

Field Parameters: No specific conductance or pH measurements taken.
Coordinates: NMED - DGPS:
Elevation: NMED - DGPS:

Sampling on Thursday, May 1, 2003 in the afternoon.

  • LANL/WQH took a 250 ml water sample for low-level perchlorate testing by the LC/MS/MS method 50 feet from river.
  • NMED helped LANL collect their samples. NMED took a 1 L water sample for the NMED Groundwater Bureau for nitrogen species, trace metals and anions and cations.
  • TRAC took wood moss and a water sample further upstream.

Notes: 500 feet from river there is a "Danger - Explosives - Keep Out" sign.

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