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Stop the Bombplex
Nuclear Proliferation steps into high gear with the announcement of Complex 2030.

The Department of Energy (DOE) has put forth their vision for the future of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile in a program called "Complex 2030," which activists call "The Bombplex." Four sites in New Mexico are key to this proposal: Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, White Sands Missile Range and the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.

DOE essentially seeks to replace old nukes with new and more usable nukes. In order to do this, DOE is proposing to consolidate and renovate nuclear weapons facilities that are located all around our country. The planned transformation of the complex through the Bomplex proposal will allow for a similar transformation in the nuclear weapons stockpile that will cost many billions. Through the Reliable Replacement Warhead program (RRW), DOE proposes to replace most of the eight nuclear weapons systems in the existing stockpile with a new generation of nuclear weapons.

They justify these plans by promising to lessen the number of nukes in the active stockpile, however, Complex 2030 and RRW will give the U.S. the power to build new nukes at an astonishing rate. Is this your vision of the world in 2030?

State of the Proposal

DOE is in the process of preparing a draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) that will analyze the potential risks of building and operating the Bombplex. DOE claims that "the SEIS will analyze the environmental impacts from the continued transformation of the United States' nuclear weapons complex by implementing NNSA's vision of the complex as it would exist in 2030, as well as alternatives."

DOE is required by law to analyze possible alternatives to the Bombplex. In the fall of 2006, DOE held scoping hearings across the country in order to get public input as to what we wanted them to analyse. Over 32,000 comments were sent in from around the country, the majority were in opposition to DOE's proposal and requested that they include an alternative in which the U.S. complied with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

  • DOE has posted the transcripts of the scoping hearings at...
  • Click here to read our formal scoping comments on the proposal.

Currently, some aspects of the Complex 2030 proposal are threatened by congressional budget cuts. Such cuts would potentially stall the Complex 2030 proposal for Fiscal Year 2008, which begins October 1, 2007. However, many of the activities suggested in the Complex 2030 proposal are already occurring or will occur in the near future under other budget lines. Therefore, it is imperative to continue opposing the project by all means necessary.

View more videos and post your own at the Vision 2030 YouTube Group!

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Begins at Home
This is How You Do It...

After DOE releases a draft Complex 2300 SEIS, they will request that the public review the document and provide comments. CCNS is collecting alternative Vision Statements from people around the country to submit as comments at that time.

Participate in opposing the DOE Complex 2030 proposal by creating videos depicting the world as they would like to see it in the year 2030.

Post your video to this Youtube Group. CCNS will compile the videos and submit them to DOE, as well as elected decisionmakers. DOE has agreed to accept these videos as public comment for the administrative record.

For video ideas, or if you want another way to participate, check out the questions below which have been worded so that your vision will incorporated into the public record. Please answer the following questions and email them to us at Or, download a written version and mail them to us at 107 Cienega St./ Santa Fe, NM 87501. We will submit your comments into the public record.

What is your vision for the world in 2030?

What are you afraid of if the United States steps up production of new nuclear weapons?

What would you like the DOE to be focusing their time and taxpayer money on?

Please send me a hard copy of the full draft Complex 2030 SEIS:

Think giving the feds your address is sketchy and wondering why to bother requesting the document? Here's the deal: it's time to show DOE that we are serious about disarmament, and unfortunately, this will get their attention. They aren't expecting many to request it and it's a concrete way (as in $$) of making them aware of your concerns and interest in this issue.

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