Taxpayer Burden from Yucca
Michael J. Keegan, Nuclear Free Great Lakes, June 5, 2002

Dear Yucca Activists,

I crunched some numbers on Yucca and here is what I get. This may prove a valuable argument against Yucca. While these numbers are ball park based on current info. The concept of taxpayer obligation holds up.

Currently there are 46,000 metric tons of high level nuclear waste from U.S. reactors. The fee generated and collected by utilities is currently at $18 billion. Yucca Mountain will have space for 63,000 metric tons (from commercial reactors). Extrapolating from these figures, another $6.6 billion will be generated from the 17,000 metric tons to be generated (63,000 - 46,000 = 17,000). A projected total revenue of approximately $24.6 billion will be generated by utilities. The current cost of Yucca Mountain is estimated at $58 billion, this leaves a shortfall of $33.4 billion which will become taxpayer obligation. Yucca will not pay for itself. A yes vote for Yucca Mountain places this tax burden on the American People.

Michael J. Keegan
Coalition for a Nuclear Free Great Lakes

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