Democrats, Republicans Clash Over Yucca Mountain Measure
June 26, 2002

Senate Republicans offered a unanimous consent request Tuesday to bring the Yucca Mountain issue to a vote within two weeks --but Senate Democrats rejected the deal when Majority Leader Daschle objected.

The Democrats' rebuff opens the door for any Republican to call up the measure, Republicans said after the showdown. Republican Policy Committee Chairman Larry Craig of Idaho said Daschle's move shows he has no intention of moving to a vote on the Yucca resolution. As a result, Republicans are free to call up the measure and move to a vote.

"There will be [a certainty] we'll get it done before" a July 27 deadline, said Minority Leader Lott, who sought the unanimous consent request. A Senate Republican aide said the issue could be brought up immediately after next week's July Fourth recess. Daschle said he would not call up the resolution because he opposes it. Senate approval of the Yucca measure would override Nevada's veto and create a permanent storage area for nuclear waste in the state.

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