Calling All of New Mexico's Youth to Participate on a Walk to the Santuario de Chimayo on Holy Saturday, April 3

March 26, 2010

Youth of New Mexico are invited to participate in a walk for healing and justice from all four corners of New Mexico to the Santuario de Chimayo on Holy Saturday, April 3. The walkers will converge at the Holy Faith Parish in Chimayo at 1 pm. Holy Faith Parish is located on State Road 76. The first 100 people to arrive will receive a free black t-shirt inscribed with the words "Reclaim Justice." The organizers include the New Mexico Alliance, Product of Aztlan and Think Outside the Bomb.

Think Outside the Bomb is the largest youth-led network for nuclear abolition in the U.S. Since 2005, they have organized national and regional conferences, focusing on education, community organizing, and creative expression.

The walk will be in memory of and in celebration of the lives of people like John and Joan Lehigh, who regularly participated in the walk to the Santuario de Chimayo during Holy Week. John and Joan dedicated their lives to peace and believed in a nuclear free world.

The walk will be for healing and justice. Jason Ahmadi, one of the organizers from Think Outside the Bomb, said, "As youth, we must reclaim justice and our lives that have been taken away by drugs and alcohol in our communities and by the environmental destruction of the mining of uranium, the enrichment of uranium to make plutonium, the production of nuclear weapons, and the storage of nuclear waste all in our state. We know that our internal bodies and the external world are connected so we are taking the opportunity of this sacred event to find healing and rejuvenation for both our bodies and the land."

The walk will begin from all the four corners of New Mexico and converge on Holy Saturday, April 3, at the Holy Family Church on State Road 76 in Chimayo at 1 pm. The organizers have asked that participants wear black in solidarity as they walk to the Santuario de Chimayo to ask for healing and rejuvenation. In the evening there will be a celebration near the Santuario de Chimayo with food, fun and community.

Ahmadi said, "Together we can create a healthy world free of drug and alcohol abuse as well as the environmental destruction of the nuclear complex. We will build our communities and support each other in each other's hardships and sufferings as well as create the new positive forms of energies to heal and not destroy the planet."

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