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World Peace Week Conference this Week in Taos

May 29, 2009

The week of May 26 through May 31 marks World Peace Week. The Taos Peace House has organized a uniquely participatory conference, called "Peace Is Possible: Implementing a Strategy for Peace, Social Justice and a Sustainable Future," in celebration of World Peace Week. It will be held in Taos, New Mexico.

The mission of Taos World Peace Week is to "implement[] a strategy for peace, social justice, and a sustainable future," both locally and globally. The peace week conference plans to do this by bringing together people from many different communities and helping them develop their own ideas and plans for bringing peace to the world at large. Nyna Matysiak, of the World Peace Week program committee, said, "We hope to develop a strategy for local, grassroots peace, social justice, and sustainable living. We hope to have this event every year, and we will do some visioning and goal-setting in making a difference in each attendee's community."

The Taos World Peace Week is an effort to bring about peace from the very roots of society. The goal is to encourage individuals to become interested and involved through a variety of methods. The organizers describe their efforts as a process of getting the people in motion. They say, "The days of listening to speakers preach to the choir are over. It's time to fulfill the prophecies that say 'we are the ones we've been waiting for' ... This will be the first of a continuing series of annual conferences that will galvanize viable actions for peace. World Peace Week volunteers are using the empowering democratic process of formal consensus rather than top down management to make decisions inspiring dedication and creativity."

The week's events include music, dance, theater, poetry, workshops, art, film, and more. Beyond the speakers and workshops for adults, there is also a Youth and Families Program set up to provide fun and educational opportunities for children of all ages.

Taos World Peace Week will begin with a special welcoming reception to celebrate the first annual World Peace Week. The Thursday, May 28th event will take place at the Taos Convention Center and will include a Middle Eastern Meal, a performance by the belly dancers of the Mosaic Dance Company, and a welcoming address by Darren Cordova, the Mayor of Taos.

Food Not Bombs is one of the endorsers of the event. Keith McHenry, co-founder of Food Not Bombs, said, "What's so cool is that so many people in Taos are getting involved; it's amazing that we can put (the Peace Week) together with a committee structure that's so inclusive."

Taos World Peace Week begins on Thursday, May 26th and continues through Sunday, May 31st. For more information or to get involved with Taos World Peace Week, please visit www.taospeacehouse.org/world_peace_conference.html, or send an email to contact@taospeacehouse.org.

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