Gathering for Mother Earth To Be Held Saturday, September 22

The Gathering for Mother Earth is an annual event which brings together those living in and around military and nuclear weapons sites throughout the world. The Gathering is meant to raise environmental awareness about radiation, transportation and health risks, while nurturing and encouraging the healing of the mind, heart and spirit.

Tewa Women United, who organized the Gathering, along with many other non-governmental organizations, welcome all communities to bring their families and friends to the 11th Annual Gathering for Mother Earth. The Gathering will be held on Saturday, September 22nd, from sunrise to sunset, at Pojoaque Ben's Gathering Grounds, on Highway 502 West in Pojoaque, New Mexico.

Each year the Gathering has a color theme to stimulate discussion and aid in healing. Color has long been used by cultures around the world for healing. This year it is blue, the color for speaking the truth. The energy of blue connects sky with water for all life on the earth.

Activities will include memorial ceremonies, healing arts, ecological safety information, drumming circles, the annual Tsankawi Relay Run, health related information sharing, raffle drawings every hour, solar cooking and produce, arts and crafts, alternative energy and activities for youth. The Saturday evening communal meal entrees will include traditional foods, such as buffalo and salmon, as well as the three sisters, which consist of beans, corn and squash.

This year's gathering will include memorial ceremonies for two elders who have passed recently, Corbin Harney, Western Shoshone spiritual leader and healer, and Esther Martinez, a Native language teacher and storyteller from Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo. Elder Corbin Harney will be honored with a sunrise service beginning at 6 am. To honor Grandmother Elder Esther Martinez a dance will be held beginning at 10 am, followed by a give away to those in attendance.

In the afternoon, mini-conferences on a variety of issues will take place. Prominent national leaders will lead these discussion groups, including generational midwifes, grandmothers and environmental activists. Tewa Women United describes this year's Gathering as a celebration to honor "midwifery as a cultural way of giving love and thanks to the spirit of the allness within water. Mother Earth and her life givers need loving care to support us on our life journeys. Now is BEYOND CRITICAL time for female energy/wisdom to unite for eco-systemic sustenance to ignite global PEACE and stop the violence against Mother Earth. We encourage all cultures, all ages, schools, communities and families to bring intergenerational thinking to this holistic event."

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