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CCNS News Archive Index 1996

The following is a listing of the CCNS News Update going back to January 4, 1996. We are dreaming of developing a search engine for the web page, but for the time being you will have to bear with us and manually search through the news archives for posted articles of interest.

March 14, 1996

New bomb waste factory packages radioactive glass

Radiation panel seeks special prosecutor

March 7, 1996

Secretary O'Leary announces increased plutonium work at LANL

LANL thyroid cancer study findings inconclusive

LANL worker goes home in radioactive clothes

February 22, 1996

DOE national radioactive waste study branded a lemon

UC faculty panel recommends severing ties with nuclear weapons labs

February 15, 1996

DOE sets 1998 opening for WIPP; State of New Mexico not ready

Details of 50 years of plutonium shipments revealed

February 8, 1996

WIPP Trucks ready to roll down Santa Fe streets in two years

DOE discloses existence of 33 hundred pounds of "excess" plutonium waste at Los Alamos

French end testing and pledge to sign Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. START II is ratified.

January 24, 1996

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty pushed by Clinton Administration

DOE report cites LANL as potential site for most bomb work

January 18, 1996

Harvard University report finds threat of future nuclear war greater now than since height of Cold War

Debate over extending University of California contract for management of LANL heats up

January 4, 1996

Toxic Pantex waste contaminates adjacent farm

Kirtland Air Force Base still possible storage site for plutonium from nuclear weapons

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