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The following is a listing of the CCNS News Update going back to January 8, 1998. We are dreaming of developing a search engine for the web page, but for the time being you will have to bear with us and manually search through the news archives for posted articles of interest.

April 23, 1998

Los Alamos Test-Well Shows LANL Pollutants in Ground Water

New Hanford Horrors: "Lost" Plutonium Tank Rediscovered

Pantex Checks Atomic Weapons for Mercury Contamination

April 16, 1998

Los Alamos National Laboratory Briefly Loses Control of Criticality Experiment

LANL's Tritium Detectors Found to be Inaccurate

Rocky Flats OK'd to Prepare Waste for WIPP

Celebrate Earthday with CCNS on April 25, in Santa Fe Plaza

April 9, 1998

Mayor Delgado Makes a Deal for WIPP Waste to Travel on Partially Unpaved Bypass Road

Secretary of Energy Pe-a Resigns

Western Shoshone Ask the U.S. to Honor Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

President Clinton Urges Senate to Ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

April 2, 1998

Criminal Investigation Launched at LANL

Former Los Alamos Scientist Sentenced

Study Raises New Questions about Yucca Mountain

Experts Call WIPP "The Wrong Solution"

March 26, 1998

International Outcry Against Nuclear Tests in Nevada

LANL Scientists Celebrate New Plutonium Pit Production

Hanford Nuclear Weapons Plant Admits Giant Radioactive Waste Leak

CCNS Hosts Dance Party to Stop WIPP, Featuring the Iguanas

March 19, 1998

New Mexico has most Nuclear Warheads in U.S.

Protest Delays New Weapons Testing in Alaska

Russian Activists Protest Russian-U.S. Proposal to Use Plutonium as Nuclear Fuel

Tigua Tribe Sues to Stop Nuclear Waste Dump

March 12, 1998

Workers Contaminated with Plutonium at LANL

"Subcritical" Nuclear Test to be Detonated in Nevada

EPA Fines Brookhaven National Laboratory for Safety Violations

Nuclear Accident Drill to Take Place on March 14

March 5, 1998

Military Study Urges Irrational Streak in Nuclear Policy

DOE Wants to Leave Oldest Waste in Ground

Santa Fe City Council Bars WIPP Transport on St. Francis

February 28, 1998

Judge Finds DOE may be in Contempt of Court for Breaking Environmental-Review Promise

High School, Pueblo Chosen as Radiation Detection Stations

Iraq may be Storing Smuggled Nuclear Material in Algeria

Santa Fe WIPP Bypass Route Moves Closer to Completion

February 19, 1998

IBM will Build Supercomputer for Nuclear Test Simulations

Chernobyl Radiation Linked to Breast Cancer Increase

U.S. Opposes Iranian Nuclear Plant

City Council Meeting to Air Citizens' Views on Repeal of WIPP Transport Ordinance

February 12, 1998

U.S. Policy Allows Nuclear Attack on Iraq

Nuclear Waste Rail Safety Study Request Denied by U.S. Dept. of Transportation

Plutonium Waste Passes though Panama Canal with Protestors Onboard

India will go Nuclear, if Hindu Nationalists Win Election

February 5, 1998

President Clinton Visits LANL to View Bomb Test Simulation

Department of Energy Budget Demands Increased Funds for Weapons, but not for Cleanup

World Leaders Sign Petition for Nuclear Abolition

French Government Shuts Down World's Largest Fast-Breeder Nuclear Reactor

January 22, 1998

Hanford Nuclear Reactor may be Restarted, Despite Hanford's Major Safety and Cleanup Problems

Citizens' Organizations Join to Target Environmentally-Harmful Projects that Waste Tax Dollars

The Marshall Islands Seek Compensation to Treat Nuclear Victims

Activists Forbidden to Block Transport of Nuclear Waste in the Netherlands

CCNS will Host a Talk on an Imprisoned Isreali Nuclear Technician on January 28

January 8, 1998

WIPP Hearings Under Way this Week

Accidental Nuclear Strike Still a Possibility

International Campaign Lecture for Imprisoned Nuclear Technician

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