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CCNS News Archive Index 2000

The following is a listing of the CCNS News Update going back to January 2, 2002.

December 25, 2002

Low-Level Radioactive Waste Inventory Act Signed into California Law

Lockheed Martin to Manage Sandia Until 2008

December 18, 2002

IEER Releases Final Monitoring Report on Third Clean Air Act Audit, Questions Audit Practices and Results

December 11, 2002

Department of Labor Upholds LANL Whistleblower's Complaint

New Law Sets Schedule for Removing Plutonium from Savannah River Site

December 4, 2002

Former Yucca Mountain Inspector Says Site Riddled with Problems

NMED Releases Final Corrective Action Order for LANL

November 27, 2002

DOE Contractors to Face Scrutiny in New Mexico and Nationwide

November 20, 2002

NRC Publishes False Finding for Radioactive Dumping in Landfills

DOE Announces Plan to Move More Rocky Flats Waste to WIPP

November 13, 2002

Senator Bingaman Criticizes Slow Place for Workers' Claims

Court of Appeals Revokes Wagon Mound Landfill Permit Modification

November 6, 2002

NMED Postpones Final Corrective Action Order for LANL

Kirtland Air Force Base Commits to Cleanup of Four Contaminated Sites

October 30, 2002

Activist Groups Present Comments on Modern Pit Facility

October 23, 2002

CCNS and IEER Fight for Fourth Audit of LANL's Compliance with Clean Air Act

October 16, 2002

ANA Presents Comments on Proposed Modern Plutonium Pit Production Facility

October 9, 2002

State Fire Marshal Claims that WIPP not Prepared for Transporting Remote-Handled Waste

NNSA Official Refuses to Meet with Shundahai Walkers

October 2, 2002

Senator Bingaman Supports ENDAUM's Fight Against Uranium Mining on Diné Land

UC Regents Challenge NMED's Authority

September 25, 2002

Both WIPP and LANL Proposed Locations for New Modern Pit Production Facility

September 18, 2002

Savannah River Proposed Site for New Plutonium Pit Production Facility

Waste Grouting Proposed in lieu of Vitrification at Savannah River

September 11, 2002

DOE Awards More than Three Million Dollars to Community Reuse Organizations

Congress Debates Bunker Busters

September 4, 2002

WIPP Shipment Returned to Idaho After Contamination Found

Bush Administration Reviewing NEPA

August 28, 2002

Watchdog Group Sues DOE for More Detailed Environmental Impact Statement for LANL's BSL-3 Laboratories

August 21, 2002

LANL Reports Tritium Discharges in Water

August 14, 2002

DOE Plans May Move Unprotected Plutonium from LANL to Nevada Test Site

August 7, 2002

ENDAUM Continues Fight Against Uranium Mining

Mayor of Hiroshima Invites President Bush to Witness the Effects of Nuclear War

July 31, 2002

Nevada's Lawyer Says Science Will Prevail in Yucca Mountain Fight

LANL Issues Comments on NMED's Corrective Action Order

July 24, 2002

LANL Planning to Replace CMR Building

Sandia's Mixed Waste Landfill Plan to be Independently Reviewed

July 17, 2002

Accelerated Waste Cleanup Plans Questioned

Epidemiologist Dr. Alice Stewart Dies

July 10, 2002

Senate Votes in Favor of Yucca Mountain

DOE Requests WIPP Permit Modifications

July 3, 2002

Report by Tri-Valley CAREs Critically Analyses Nuclear Posture Review

June 26, 2002

NRC and DOT Propose Changes to Nuclear Transport Regulations

LANL Seeks to Expand Bioagents Research

June 19, 2002

Senators Domenici and Bingaman Vote to Open Yucca Mountain

Mayors Chavez and Delgado Support Resolution for Senate to Postpone Yucca Mountain Vote

June 12, 2002

LANL Considers Storage Facility for Transuranic Waste

Fernald Cleanup Three Years Behind Schedule

June 5, 2002

Final Results of Cerro Grande Fire Risk Assessment Released

May 29, 2002

Abraham Admits Yucca Mountain Will Not Contain All Waste

Russian Nuclear Waste Storage Complaint Upheld

May 22, 2002

DOE Halts Plutonium Shipments to Livermore Due to Unfit Containers

Gandy Marley Cites Terrorist Attacks for Triassic Park Delay

May 15, 2002

New Mexico Congressmen Hear Concerns Regarding DOE Worker Compensation Program

CCNS Releases Review of Worker Health Studies at LANL

May 8, 2002

NMED Issues Draft Cleanup Order for LANL

May 1, 2002

Ukraine Plans to Develop Land Around Chernobyl

DOE Delays Livermore Director Decision

April 24, 2002

U.S. Unseats Chemical Weapons Regulation Leader

California Ruling May Halt Shipments of Nuclear Waste

April 17, 2002

Vermont Ads Oppose Yucca Mountain

Plutonium Shipments to South Carolina to Begin

April 10, 2002

Nevada's Governor Guinn Vetoes Yucca Mountain Decision

DOE Retracts Report Outlining Cleanup Cuts at INEEL

April 3, 2002

Congress Corrects President's Cleanup Budget for DOE

Report Says Yucca Mountain Selection Tainted by Influence of Nuclear Industry Lobbyists

March 27, 2002

California Committee on Oversight of DOE Labs Meets in New Mexico

March 20, 2002

NMED Approves Triassic Park Hazardous Waste Facility

New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission to Decide on Human-Health Standards for Los Alamos Waterways

March 13, 2002

Study Finds that Worldwide Fallout Likely Caused 15,000 Cancer Deaths in U.S. since 1951

Scientists Find Birth Defects in Children Born near Hazardous Waste Dumps

March 6, 2002

NNSA Approves BSL-3 Facility at LANL

Hiroshima Peace Walkers Visit New Mexico

February 27, 2002

Sandia Testing May Lead to New Nuclear Weapons

Nevada's Governor Guinn Will Take President Bush's Yucca Mountain Recommendation to Court

February 20, 2002

President Bush Recommends Yucca Mountain to Congress

Bush's Plan for U.S. Nuclear Stockpile Contradicts Nuclear Posture Review

February 13, 2002

Reports Indicate Genetic Mutations in Children Living in Areas of High Radioactive Fallout

Native American Exposure to Radiation in the Northwest May Be Higher than Estimated

February 6, 2002

Bush Budget Raises Funds for Nuclear Weapons Production, Reduces Funds for Stewardship

LANL Representatives Fail to Show at UC Oversight Hearing

January 30, 2002

President Bush Promises $3.8 billion for MOX Facility

January 23, 2002

Attorney General May Take Action on Area G Dump

Draft EPA Assessment Lowers Perchlorate Level in Drinking Water

January 16, 2002

Activist Groups Calls for LANL's Closure of Area G Dump

January 9, 2002

Nuclear Posture Review Recommends Diminished U.S. Dependence on Nuclear Weapons and Resumption of Underground Nuclear Testing

January 2, 2002

NAU President Defends Live Anthrax Shipment to LANL

U.S. to Expand Programs to Help Russia's Control of Nuclear Materials

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