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CCNS News Archive Index 2003

The following is a listing of the CCNS News Update going back to January 1, 2003.

December 24, 2003

California Judge Orders Stay on Transportation of Bioagents to LANL

December 17, 2003

Plutonium Found in Children's Teeth Near Sellafield Nuclear Facility

December 10, 2003

Dixon Residents Address the Need for Thorough Community Monitoring Around LANL

December 3, 2003

NMED Issues Draft WIPP Permit Modification Prohibiting High-Level Waste

November 26, 2003

Energy Bill Provision Requires DOE Ownership of Uranium Enrichment Waste

November 19, 2003

Nuclear Policy Experts Discuss New Mexico's Role in the U.S. Weapons Complex

November 12, 2003

Uranium Monitoring Initiative Begins in Church Rock

November 5, 2003

Lea County Residents Urge NRC to Expedite License for Uranium Enrichment Facility

October 29, 2003

Cesium Found in Spring Feeding into Rio Grande

October 22, 2003

Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board Raises Concern About Yucca Mountain Disposal Plan

October 15, 2003

DOE Plans to Move More Than 300 Pounds of Plutonium from LANL to France

October 8, 2003

LANL Ordered to Stop Shipments to WIPP Following Improper Deliveries of Low Level Waste

UC Regents Visit LANL

October 1, 2003

Idaho's Snake River Plain Aquifer Contaminated with Radionuclides

September 24, 2003

Russian Nuclear Facility May Be Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack

September 17, 2003

NNSA Proposes 24 New Structures at LANL With No Environmental Impact Statement

September 10, 2003

RAC Holds Progress Meeting on LANL Risk Assessment

September 3, 2003

New Mexico Congressmen Attend Groundbreaking of Uranium Enrichment Facility in Lea County

August 27, 2003

CCNS Releases New Report Supporting Need For CDC Dose Reconstruction Study At LANL

August 20, 2003

DOE Secretary Abraham Attempts to Overturn High-level Waste Decision

August 13, 2003

Santa Fe City Council Passes Resolution Opposing Modern Pit Facility

DOE Secretly Ships High-Level Radioactive Waste from New York to Idaho

August 6, 2003

Senator Domenici Proposal Cuts WIPP Testing

Lea County Representatives Visit Uranium Processing Plant

July 30, 2003

Bush Administration Disbands NNSA Advisory Committee

NNSA Oversight of Tribes Prompts NMED to Request More Comment Time for MPF

July 23, 2003

Director Nanos Gives State of LANL Address

July 16, 2003

Local and National Officials Say, "No New Bomb Factory, No Where, No Way."

July 9, 2003

LANL Secrecy Stalls CDC Dose Reconstruction Project

July 2, 2003

Hundreds of Citizens Proclaim, "No New Bomb Factory, No Where, No Way."

June 25, 2003

LANL Loses Two Vials of Plutonium

June 18, 2003

UC Announces Appointment of New President

Public Meetings to Address Proposed Modern Pit Facility

June 11, 2003

DOE Appeals Federal Court Ruling On INEEL's Buried Waste

Hearing to Address Special Waste Disposal at Northeastern Regional Landfill

June 4, 2003

NNSA Hears Comments on Proposed Replacement CMR Facility at LANL

May 28, 2003

Forum of National Experts Discusses DOE's Proposed Modern Pit Facility

May 21, 2003

New Mexico Supreme Court Dismisses WIPP Lawsuit

DOE Proposes Modifications to State1s Operating Permit

May 14, 2003

Two-story Incinerator Found Buried in Hillside at Rocky Flats

NNSA Releases Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Proposed Replacement CMR Building at LANL

May 7, 2003

Nongovernmental Organizations Say that U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policies Threaten Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

April 30, 2003

CCNS Embarks on Second Rio Grande Sampling Trip

April 23, 2003

Study Finds Higher Risk of Lung Cancer for Rocky Flats Plutonium Workers

Budget Shortfalls Further Delay Payment for Sick Uranium Workers

April 16, 2003

NMED To Discuss Cleanup with Top DOE Official

DOE Reneges on Cleanup Budget Agreement

April 9, 2003

Activist Group Wins Free Access to Information

Workers Exposed in Second Rocky Flats Accident in One Week

April 2, 2003

Dispute Resolution Process Begins Over LANL Air Emissions

Federal Judge Orders DOE to Remove Buried Waste at INEEL

March 26, 2003

Government Agencies Find Safety Deficiencies at LANL

Senators Domenici and Craig Support New Reactor at INEEL

March 19, 2003

Activists Charge INEEL is Violating Clean Air Act

Paducah Workers Test Positive for Exposure to Beryllium

March 12, 2003

Washington Sues DOE to Halt Waste Shipments to Hanford

New Report Questions Radiation and Human Health Computer Models

March 4, 2003

>Senator Domenici Proposes Uranium Enrichment Facility in Southeastern New Mexico

NRC Proposes to Deregulate and Release Radioactive Solid Waste for Recycling

February 26, 2003

Department of Health Requests Information from LANL About Firewood

Study Warns of Threat to Inadequately Stored Spent Fuel

February 19, 2003

Representative Wilson Endorses Return to Cold War Tactics

National Groups Recommend that Congress Oppose Inflated Yucca Mountain Budget

February 12, 2003

Contaminated Spring Discovered Near LANL

CDC and NCI Fallout Cancer Risk Study Reviewed

February 5, 2003

Elevated Plutonium Levels Found in Stormwater Runoff from Pueblo Canyon

January 29, 2003

Draft DOE Policy Calls for Risk-based Cleanup

January 22, 2003

University of Texas Considering Bid for LANL Management

California Report Investigates Plutonium in Gardens Around Livermore

January 15, 2003

UC Will Not Compete to Keep LANL Contract

Despite Recommendations, Sandia Refuses to Consider Cleanup at Mixed Waste Landfill

January 8, 2003

Top LANL Security Managers Demoted Following Whistleblower Firings

January 1, 2003

NNSA Issues Notice of Violation to LANL for Improper Waste Storage

Canadian Coalition Demands Inspection of U.S. for Weapons of Mass Destruction

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