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The following is a listing of the CCNS News Update going back to January 7, 2003.

December 29, 2004

Rocky Flats to Open for Recreational Use

December 22, 2004

NRC Blocks Public Access to LES Documents

December 15, 2004

DOD Reduces Environmental Responsibilities

December 8, 2004

DOE Inspector General Questions Reliability of Los Alamos Neutron Science Center

December 1, 2004

Richardson Withholds Support for LES

November 24, 2004

NMED to Hear Comments on Sandia's Mixed Waste Landfill

November 17, 2004

Dixon Community Members Host Forum on Emergency Preparedness

November 10, 2004

EPA Grants Comment Period on Surface Water Requirements at LANL

November 3, 2004

Illegal Waste Shipped from Hanford to WIPP

October 27, 2004

Governor Bill Richardson Requests that Operations Cease at LANL's TA-18

October 20, 2004

Navy Closes Project ELF

October 13, 2004

Congress Approves DOE Waste Classification Rules

October 6, 2004

NMED Funding Shortfall Compels Air Monitoring Cuts

September 29, 2004

Santa Fe City Council Opposes Continued Operations at LANL's TA-18

September 22, 2004

EPA Denies Public Participation in Negotiating Surface Water Monitoring Requirements at LANL

September 15, 2004

Academy Award Winning Filmmaker Visits New Mexico to Help Stop LES

September 8, 2004

LANL Prepares to Reopen

September 1, 2004

NMED Fines DOE $2.4 Million for Improper Shipments to WIPP

August 25, 2004

DOE Inspector General Finds Five Weapons Sites Unprepared for Emergencies

August 18, 2004

Independent Scientist Finds LANL Contaminants Moving Towards the Rio Grande

August 11, 2004

Groups Ask LANL to Explain Plutonium Inventory Discrepancy

August 4, 2004

Groups Nationwide Call on 2004 Presidential Candidates to Address U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex

July 28, 2004

CDC Extends Los Alamos Historical Document Retrieval and Assessment Project for Five Years

July 21, 2004

EPA to Discuss Upcoming WIPP Recertification

July 14, 2004

LANL Director Nanos Addresses Security Breaches at LANL

July 7, 2004

General Accounting Office Says Funds for Cleanup of Uranium Enrichment Facilities Insufficient

June 30, 2004

NNSA Fines LANL for Critical Safety Violations

June 23, 2004

NRC Holds Conference to Discuss License for Uranium Enrichment Facility

June 16, 2004

House Drastically Cuts Funding for Yucca Mountain

June 9, 2004

House of Representatives Cuts 2005 Nuclear Weapons Budget

June 2, 2004

Amendment Prohibiting High-Level Waste Reclassification Fails in the Senate

May 26, 2004

Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Questions Safety of LANL's TA-18

May 19, 2004

Over 150 Community Groups Ask Congress to Cut High-Level Waste Budget Provisions

May 12, 2004

United Nations Meets to Discuss Non-Proliferation Treaty

May 5, 2004

NRC Legal Team Requests that NMED Concerns about Uranium Enrichment Facility Be Dismissed

April 28, 2004

DOE Threatens to Cut Funding for Independent WIPP Oversight Group

April 21, 2004

New Documentary Chronicles New Mexico's Nuclear History

April 14, 2004

LANL Addresses Recent Findings of Groundwater Contamination

April 7, 2004

EPA Moves to Allow Remote-Handled Waste at WIPP

March 31, 2004

CDC to Continue Los Alamos Historical Document Retrieval and Assessment Project

March 24, 2004

Director Pete Nanos Gives 2004 State of LANL Address

March 17, 2004

CDC's Document Retrieval Project at LANL Receives Additional Support

March 10, 2004

NRC Hears Comments on Environmental Impact Statement for Uranium Enrichment Facility

March 3, 2004

National Academy of Sciences Meets to Discuss Criteria for LANL Management Contract

February 25, 2004

DOE Withdraws Plan to Allow Nuclear Facilities to Self-Regulate Safety Standards

February 18, 2004

Governor Richardson Wavers on LES Endorsement

February 11, 2004

NNSA Proposes Limited Access to LANL Property

February 4, 2004

NNSA Repeals Finding of No Significant Impact for Bioweapons Lab at LANL

January 28, 2004

NNSA Delays Modern Pit Facility Indefinitely

January 21, 2004

NNSA Releases Final Environmental Impact Statement for CMR Building Replacement

January 14, 2004

Four People Hospitalized Following Uranium Leak in Illinois

January 7, 2004

DOE and LANL Present their Risk-Based Cleanup Plan

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