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The following is a listing of the CCNS News Update for 2009-2012.

August 28, 2012

DOE Plans to Expand WIPP with More "Hot" Waste

August 15, 2012

DOE Plans to Bring More Plutonium to WIPP and LANL

July 25, 2012

Weaving Our Rio Grande Communities Together is the Theme for the Community Water Programs in Santa Fe and Espanola on July 26th and July 27th

February 06, 2012

Map Documenting Water Concerns in New Mexico Unveiled

July 29, 2011

Independent Expert Team to Review Case History of Defective Groundwater Monitoring at Sandia Laboratories' Mixed Waste Landfill Dump

July 22, 2011

Pax Christi New Mexico to Commemorate Bombing of Hiroshima 66 Years Ago

July 15, 2011

Three July 16th Commemorative Events in New Mexico

July 8, 2011

DOE Must Design for a Minimum 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake for the Proposed CMRR-Nuclear Facility at LANL

July 1, 2011

Seismic Hazard for Proposed $6 Billion CMRR Nuclear Facility at LANL Underestimated and Misstated

June 24, 2011

Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Proposed CMRR Nuclear Facility Must be Retracted because Seismic Hazard is Underestimated and Misrepresented

June 17, 2011

U.S. House Reduces Administration Request for CMRR by $100 Million

June 10, 2011

Over 100 Taoseans Protest, Attend Proposed LANL Bomb Factory Public Meeting

June 3, 2011

House Appropriations Committee Increases DOE Weapons Budget; Cuts Cleanup, Non-proliferation and Energy Efficiency Programs

May 27, 2011

Public Comments Due June 28th about Proposed LANL Nuclear Bomb Factory
With links to related 2010 and 2011 "CCNS News Updates"

May 20, 2011

Public Hearings for Proposed LANL Bomb Factory Begin Monday, May 23 in Albuquerque

May 13, 2011

Public Hearings for Proposed CMRR Nuclear Facility Begin May 23

May 6, 2011

Public Hearings for Proposed CMRR Nuclear Facility Begin May 24

April 29, 2011

Community Groups Negotiate Historic Clean Water Act Settlement with LANL

April 22, 2011

25th Chernobyl Accident Commemoration Events - Candlelight Vigil in Santa Fe on Tuesday, April 26 at 7 pm

April 15, 2011

DOE Proposes to Dump 160 Million Curies of "Hot" Low-Level Waste in New Mexico - Public Hearings Begin April 26

April 8, 2011

Vancouver Declaration Affirms that Nuclear Weapons are Incompatible with International Humanitarian Law

April 1, 2011

New Mexicans to Attend the 23rd Annual Alliance for Nuclear Accountability DC Days

March 25, 2011

Japanese Nuclear Crisis Creates Urgent Need to Question Increased Earthquake Danger at LANL

March 18, 2011

Annual Gathering Celebrating Communities and Seeds to be held Saturday, March 26, in Espanola

March 11, 2011

Final Community Radiation Monitoring Group Meeting Held - Will Transition to New Format

March 4, 2011

CMRR Public Meeting Set For Thursday, March 10 at Fuller Lodge

February 25, 2011

New Mexico Slammed by Three Concurrent DOE NEPA Processes

February 18, 2011

Community Members Ask Surface Transportation Board to Protect Rio Grande Headwaters

February 11, 2011

Surface Transportation Board to Hold Public Meeting in Conejos, Colorado, on Thursday, February 17th

February 4, 2011

How the U.S. Outlay for Nuclear Developments in the Next Decade Takes the Shine Off the New START Treaty Goals

January 27, 2011

The Commission on America's Nuclear Future Meets on Friday, January 28th at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Albuquerque

January 21, 2011

Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future Meets in New Mexico on January 26, 27 and 28

January 14, 2011

Texas Commission Votes to Dispose of Low-Level Waste for 34 States

January 7, 2011

Open Burning of Hazardous Waste Allowed at LANL

December 31, 2010

NukeWatch New Mexico Says: With New START Ratified - It's Time to Examine the National Security and Economic Costs of "Modernization"

December 24, 2010

Conejos County Board of Commissioners Denies Special Use Permit Application; Surface Transportation Board Agrees to Public Meeting

December 17, 2010

Texas At Risk of Becoming the Nation's Radioactive Waste Dumping Ground; Rules Being Rushed Through During Holiday Season

December 10, 2010

Buckman Board Meets Thursday, December 16 at Santa Fe Main Library at 4 pm

December 3, 2010

Three Important Public Meetings about LANL Contaminants Impacting Our Health

November 26, 2010

Drinking Treated Buckman Water Could Cause Cancer in More than One Person in 10,000

November 19, 2010

Buckman Independent Peer Review Comment Period Extended to November 22

November 12, 2010

Questions Remain About the Safety of Rio Grande Water Soon to Arrive in Santa Fe Households

November 5, 2010

One Nuclear Reactor Can Pollute Half the Globe - Part Two

October 29, 2010

One Nuclear Reactor Can Pollute Half the Globe

October 22, 2010

Further Discussion of the Proposed Nuclear Facility at LANL

October 15, 2010

CMRR Scoping Meetings Scheduled for October 19 and 20

October 8, 2010

CCNS Raises Questions about Water Consumption at LANL

October 1, 2010

DOE Agrees to Conduct an Enhanced Supplemental Analysis of CMRR Project and October 6th Semi-Annual Public Meeting

September 24, 2010

Second Buckman Water Quality Meeting Scheduled for September 30th

September 17, 2010

Gathering for Mother Earth to be held September 25 and 26

September 10, 2010

Key New START Vote Set for Mid-September

September 3, 2010

Senate Committee Schedules Hearing for New START

August 27, 2010

U.S. Senate May Vote on New START Treaty - Safety Problems at LANL

August 20, 2010

More Plutonium Destined for WIPP?
Public Meetings in Carlsbad 8/24 and Santa Fe 8/26
- With Southwest Research and Information Center "MORE PLUTONIUM COMING TO WIPP" Fact Sheet

August 13, 2010

LANL Waste Shipments through Antonito Stopped for Now - See August 16, 2010 Correction and August 20, 2010 Update

August 6, 2010

WIPP Hazardous Waste Permit Hearing Begins Monday, August 9 at Santa Fe Community College

July 30, 2010

"Countdown to Zero" Nuclear Weapons at CCA Begins on August 6th

July 23, 2010

Pax Christi New Mexico to Commemorate Bombing of Hiroshima 65 Years Ago - July 30 and July 31

July 16, 2010

Disarmament Summer Encampment Begins July 30 in Chimayo - Your Support and Help is Needed

July 9, 2010

July 16 Commemorative Events in New Mexico

July 2, 2010

U.S. Mayors Resolve Unanimously to Ask Congress to Slash Nuclear Weapons Spending in Favor of Cities

June 25, 2010

Upcoming Nuclear Weapons Free World Events in New Mexico

June 18, 2010

David Barsamian to Speak at Benefit on Wednesday, June 23 in Española

June 11, 2010

Sandia National Laboratory Shortcuts Hazard Analysis

June 4, 2010

After the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference: Burroughs Says Agreement on a Middle East Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone is a "Concrete Achievement"

May 28, 2010

New Report on Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk

May 21, 2010

Proposed Nuclear Weapons Budget - 76 Percent Above Cold War Average

May 14, 2010

United Nations Honors End of World War II During Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference

May 7, 2010

17 New Mexico NGOs ask Congressional Delegation for a Capacity Study of Plutonium Pit Production Operations at LANL

April 30, 2010

Final Days for NMED Hazardous Waste Permit Hearing for LANL -
May 5, 6 and 7 in Santa Fe

April 23, 2010

EPA Overview Report Withheld from Citizen Action New Mexico

April 16, 2010

Dr. Barcelona Testifies that the Public Deserves to be Better Protected than by the Existing LANL Groundwater Monitoring Network

April 9, 2010

Action Packed Public Hearing about Ten-Year Hazardous Waste Permit for LANL Continues

April 2, 2010

CCNS to Present Groundwater Experts at NMED Public Hearing for LANL Hazardous Waste Permit

March 26, 2010

Calling All of New Mexico's Youth to Participate on a Walk to the Santuario de Chimayo on Holy Saturday, April 3

March 19, 2010

Need for an Information Repository in the Española Valley as part of NMED Hazardous Waste Permit for LANL

March 12, 2010

Vice-President Biden Squares the Nuclear Weapons Budget Request with the President's Nobel Peace Prize

March 5, 2010

DOE Plans to Remove 225,000 Cubic Yards of Soil Below Proposed CMRR Nuclear Facility

February 26, 2010

NMED Hearing on LANL Hazardous Waste Permit Begins April 5

February 19, 2010

Obama Transfers Financial and Safety Risks of New Reactors to U.S. Taxpayers Even Though Lower Cost and Safer Alternatives Are Available

February 12, 2010

DOE Plans to Reduce Potential Catastrophic Risk at LANL Plutonium Facility and Upcoming Sunday, February 28 CMRR Peaceful Demonstration

February 5, 2010

Obama Budget Dramatically Increases Funding for New Nuclear Weapons Production Facilities; Cuts Dismantlement

January 29, 2010

Public Comments Needed on Water Quality Assessment of LANL Watersheds

January 22, 2010

Increasing Levels of Carbon Tetrachloride at WIPP

January 15, 2010

January 28 Los Alamos Historical Document Retrieval and Assessment Project Meeting

January 8, 2010

Buckman Direct Diversion Project Water Quality Meeting Scheduled for January 14th

January 1, 2010

Opportunities for Nuclear Non-Proliferation in 2010

December 25, 2009

DOE Continues Waste Shell Game

December 18, 2009

LANL Waste Heading to Utah and Possibly Texas

December 11, 2009

Las Mujeres Hablan Honored by Nobel Women's Initiative

December 4, 2009

Makhijani to Testify at Triennial Review on December 10

November 27, 2009

Review of New Mexico's Water Quality Standards Begins December 8

November 20, 2009

Plutonium Operations at LANL Shut Down

November 13, 2009

Citizen Action New Mexico Wins Release of Public Report

November 6, 2009

Faith Community Organizations Support Nuclear Disarmament

October 30, 2009

Defense Board Identifies 100-Fold Increase in Risk of a LANL Plutonium Release

October 23, 2009

50% Increase in Cancer for Male Baby Boomers Exposed to Above Ground Nuclear Tests

October 16, 2009

New Mexico Presentations at Alliance for Nuclear Accountability Meeting

October 9, 2009

DOE Shipments of Depleted Uranium to Utah Postponed

October 2, 2009

New LANL Contaminant Found in Regional Aquifer

September 25, 2009

DOE Inspector General Finds Continuing Problems with LANL Fire Protection

September 18, 2009

Upcoming Community Events in New Mexico:
CMRR Public Meeting;
NMED Meetings about proposed Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule;
Concert for Southwest Research and Information Center;
Symposium for Food and Seed Sovereignty; and
Gathering for Mother Earth

September 11, 2009

UN "Unofficial" Disarmament and Nonproliferation Week

September 4, 2009

Global Downward Trend for Nuclear Energy

August 28, 2009

Comments for LANL Hazardous Waste Permit due September 4

August 21, 2009

Truck Carrying Uranium Hexafluoride Crashes in West Virginia

August 14, 2009

Compensation Program for Sick Workers Rejects Many, Doctors Say

August 7, 2009

Commentary: The Many Victims of the Atomic Bomb

July 31, 2009

States Stepping Up to Protect the Public from Chemicals

July 24, 2009

DOE Hearing about Mercury Storage in Andrews, Texas on August 6

July 17, 2009

July 28 LANL Draft Hazardous Waste Permit Public Meeting

July 10, 2009

30th Anniversary Commemoration of Church Rock Uranium Tailings Spill

July 3, 2009

Study Shows 100 Proposed Nuclear Reactors Could Cost Trillions

June 26, 2009

EPA Holds WIPP Re-certification Public Meeting in Albuquerque on June 30

June 19, 2009

Coming Up: International Day of Peace Countdown and New Mexico Events

June 12, 2009

New Report Documents Historic LANL Contaminant Releases - Public Meeting Scheduled for June 25

June 5, 2009

LANL Ships RH-TRU Waste to WIPP

May 29, 2009

World Peace Week Conference this Week in Taos

May 22, 2009

Citizens Protest Japanese MOX Shipment

May 15, 2009

President Obama, UN Look To Nuclear Non-Proliferation

May 8, 2009

States With Own Dumps Ship Nuclear Waste to Utah

May 1, 2009

Chernobyl Day Commemorates 23rd Anniversary of Disaster

April 24, 2009

Federal Funds Directed to Uranium Tailings Victims and Cleanup

April 17, 2009

Mobile Phone Study Presents Global Public Health Threat

April 10, 2009

New Three Mile Island Information Provides Warning for Future

April 3, 2009

State Agencies Issue Consumption Advisories for Fish Caught in New Mexico's Lakes, Rivers, and Streams

March 27, 2009

WIPP Requests Stimulus Funding for Already Funded Work

March 20, 2009

DOE Responds to Emergency Preparedness Concerns at LANL

March 13, 2009

Federal Agency Found to Minimize Community Health Concerns

March 6, 2009

Unresolved Questions About LANL Plutonium Inventory

February 27, 2009

New Mexico House Memorial Urges Funding for LANL Cleanup

February 20, 2009

Anti-Nuclear Activist Ed Grothus Dies

February 13, 2009

Nuclear Funding Cut From Stimulus Bill

February 6, 2009

Beryllium Disclosure Raises More Questions than Answers

January 30, 2009

Defamation Suit Against Snake River Alliance Dismissed

January 23, 2009

President Obama Declares A New Era of Openness

January 16, 2009

WQCC Affirms New Mexico's Authority To Protect All Groundwater

January 9, 2009

Reference Man Standard Fails to Protect Most Vulnerable

January 2, 2009

GNEP Public Comment Period Extended into March 2009

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