@RepBenRayLujan’s #RECA2019 legislation

@RepBenRayLujan just introduced legislation to expand compensation for individuals exposed to radiation – a critical effort to ensure justice for the individuals, families, and communities impacted. #RECA2019

Thousands of families in New Mexico and across the country were exposed to radiation causing illness, cancer, and death in our communities. @RepBenRayLujan just introduced #RECA2019 to ensure these individuals get the compensation they need & deserve.

Radiation exposure has taken the lives of too many and continues to hurt our families – it’s time to pass @RepBenRayLujan’s #RECA2019 legislation to expand compensation for these families.


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  • Christy Pino

    Thank you for posting this and following this issue. It more than likely caused the early death of my husband who was six at the time of the blast and lived close to the blast site. It is continuing to affect many family members – many cancer deaths but also so many thyroid problems – cancer for my husband’s sister and and other thyroid conditions in the next generation – his niece who is in her late 30’s and her daughter (20’s) and his another niece and nephew (20’s).
    What is the best way to get the attention of Congress and the Senate to get this legislation passed? I am in contact with the board of the Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium.

  • Thank you for posting this important information about radiation that has most likely taken my husband and many member of his family, and is affecting the next generation with primarily thyroid conditions.

    What is the best way to publicize this and get the attention of Congressmen and Senators to get this legislation passed?

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