Action Alerts

Memorial Celebration of Robert H. Gilkeson’s Life – A Community Hero

Cease Fire Campaign Victory for Alternatives to Open Burning of Munitions and Hazardous Waste

CCNS End Of Year Appeal – Help Us Let There Be Peace On Earth

Rapid Seven-Fold “Never Been Observed at WIPP” Increases in Salt Convergence in Panel 7 Where Waste Is Planned for Disposal

DOE Denies Expedited FOIA Request by Citizen Action NM and CCNS for Critical WIPP Documents – Citizen Action NM and CCNS Appeal Denial

Urge President Obama to Declare a “No-First-Use Policy” and Remove U.S. Nuclear Missiles from “Hair Trigger Alert”

National Grassroots Radioactive Waste Summit Opposes Waste Dumping, Promotes Environmental Justice

WIPP Requests Temporary Authorization to Install Bulkheads and Proposed Above Ground Storage Public Comment Extended to February 3rd

Support CCNS on Giving Tuesday NM – Thank you!

SRIC and NRDC Address NEPA Requirements for Reopening WIPP