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Public Comment Deadline Nears on Proposed Major WIPP Expansion

DOE to Submit Revised LANL Stormwater Permit to EPA

EPA and NMED, It’s Still Illegal to Discriminate!

LANL Outfall 051 Must Be Eliminated from Clean Water Act Permit

CCNS Oral Argument before EAB to Terminate LANL Outfall

Discriminatory Public Process Continues for WCS Ground Water Discharge Permit

CARD and AFES Cite NMED Discriminatory Public Process for WCS Ground Water Permit

Important Joint Congressional Hearing on February 4th about Clean Water Protection Rule and Attend River Rally 2015 from May 1st to 4th at Tamaya Resort

Proposed EPA Rule Supports Clean Water – Comments Due Friday, November 14th

New Mexicans Attend the Compliance Review of the United States by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in Geneva