Action Alerts

There Are 91.4 Billion Things Than Nuclear Weapons that Money Could Buy

Daniel Ellsberg Week June 10th through the 16th – A week of education and action to honor peacemaking and whistleblowing

Los Alamos Power Pool Planning for Two New Electrical Lines

Searchlight Journalist Receives 2024 MOLLY Award for Story on Trucheña Whose Plutonium Count Was New Mexico’s Highest

DNFSB Still Concerned about Flaws in Emergency Air Monitoring at WIPP

DOE Seeks EPA Permission to Operate Panels 11 and 12 in the WIPP Underground

Defend New Mexico Water from Fracking Waste Contamination by Proposed Wastewater Reuse Rule

Public Comments Needed to Ban Open Burning and Open Detonation of PFAS, Toxic and Carcinogenic Explosive Materials

NNSA Delays Urgent Research on Plutonium “Pit” Aging But Spends Billions on Nuclear Weapons Bomb Cores

Continuing Safety Problems with New WIPP Shaft