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Holtec’s Secret Plans Again Reveal Why New Mexicans Cannot Believe What the Corporation Says

Holtec Buys Shutdown Nuclear Power Plants to Create New Spent Fuel Supply Chain for Proposed New Mexico Facility

New Mexico Files Suit to Halt Two Proposed High-Level Nuclear Waste Storage Facilities

Officials and NGOs Express Deep Concerns about Holtec

NRC Must Hold Five Public Meetings in New Mexico about Holtec

Holtec Ignores New Mexico State Land Office Authority

31st Annual Alliance for Nuclear Accountability DC Days

NRC Board Denies Evidentiary Hearing on Holtec Dump

New Holtec Information from Albuquerque Hearing Last Week

NRC Holds Holtec Hearing in Albuquerque on January 23rd for the World’s Largest Proposed Radioactive Waste Dump