Weekly News Updates

Help Downwinders and Uranium Workers Testify at Upcoming Senate RECA Hearing

Halt Holtec! No Consent at Gallup and Albuquerque NRC Meetings

Halt Holtec! NRC Meetings in Gallup and Albuquerque Early Next Week

Halt Holtec! New NRC Meetings in Gallup and Albuquerque

Halt Holtec! Hobbs NRC Scoping Meeting and Shimkus Bill Moving

Halt Holtec! NRC Scoping Meetings Next Week in SE NM

Public Comments Needed for Planned LANL Plutonium Increase

Public Comments Needed for LANL Groundwater Discharge Permit for Zero Liquid Discharge

NRC Public Meetings to Bring High-Level Waste to New Mexico

New Mexico Public Health Association Recognizes Trinity Downwinders and Events at White Sands Gates