Emma Pike’s 30 Day Challenge – Nuclear Weapons

Emma Pike (@emmakiko on Tiktok) has taken on a 30 day challenge to take action and share knowledge about nuclear weapons!  You may have seen her featured on ICAN’s instagram and tiktok before, but now Emma is using her personal account to create posts and start conversations about the many ways nuclear weapons affect us, and of course about the treaty and build a small community of people who care about the issue. Her styles vary from deep explainers on why stigmatising nuclear weapons matters or the connections with climate change, or just having some fun with trends!
You’ll notice Emma’s not someone who is already an influencer but rather a campaigner who is taking this new tool and running with it and seeing what works. We love that. We will be asking Emma to recap some of her key lessons once she’s finished the challenge (and stay tuned for more details on a live next week), but in the meantime if you want to see what she’s up to, ask her questions, or send your encouragement, please go follow her.


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