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DOE’s Santa Came Early: NMED Approves FOREVER WIPP

WIPP Shipments Stopped Due to Maintenance Problems at Site

New Mexico Governor’s WIPP Task Force Holds Meeting

WIPP Expansion Continues; Public Comments on Proposed Panels 11 and 12 Due Monday, October 4th

DOE’s Latest Plan for Expanding WIPP – Three New Drifts and Two New Waste Disposal Panels

New Mexico Environment Department Sues DOE to Terminate 2016 Consent Order for LANL

NMED Proposes to Increase Hazardous Waste Fees

NMED Hosts First Quarterly Outreach Meeting in Los Alamos

CCW Asks WQCC to Remand LANL Permit to NMED Secretary

Environment Department Approves 30 Percent WIPP Expansion